1st ISMEVD 2019  promotes Enhancing Material and Engineering Process to Support Industry 4.0 as the main theme in this year. This is to respond to the increasingly intense research in the field of Material and Engineering both in terms of its basic science and in terms of its processes that can encourage and sustain industries in the current era 4.0.

Prof. Dr. Wong Kuan Yew (Univ. Teknologi Malaysia)
Prof. Dr. Isa S. Toha, M.Sc (Direktur Politeknik Logam Morowali)

Abstracts and papers related, but not limited, to the topics listed below are welcomed. Incoming abstracts and papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed and accepted abstracts and papers will have to be presented at the conference.

Structural Materials
Functional Materials
Material Chemistry
Material Physics
Energy and Environmental Materials
Composite Materials and Engineering
Electronic Materials and Components
Nanoscale and Amorphous Materials
Materials Processing
High-Performance Structural Materials
Material Processing Technology
Physics and Numerical Simulation of Materials process
Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials
Material Processing and Control Engineering
Metal Material Engineering
Materials Synthesis and Preparation
Material Design
Material Surface and Interface
Corrosion and Protection of Engineering Materials
Industrial Materials and Manufacturing
Building Materials and Civil Engineering
Biomaterials and Biomedical Materials
Engineering Materials
Materials Forming
Materials Machining
Advanced lubrication and sealing materials
Microwave Processing of Materials

New Product & Service Innovation
Human Factors Engineering
CAD/CAM/CAE Integration Technology
Green Design
Engineering Management
Manufacturing & Production Processes
Electronics & Control Systems
Quality & Reliability Engineering
Logistics & Supply Chain Engineering
Green Manufacturing
Food Processing Technology
Power Systems & Energy Engineering
Applied Technology for Sustainable Development in Energy
Environmental Science & Technology
Information & Communication Technology
Big Data Analysis & Information Retrieval Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Cryptography and Security

1st ISMEVD 2019 receives very kind supports from world-class scholars to be our international scientific committees. The conference organizers would like to express their gratitude to the following scholars who will serve as the international scientific committees:
Prof. Dr. Anton Satria Prabuwono (King Abdulaziz University, SAUDI ARABIA)
Prof. Ravindra S. Goonetilleke, Ph.D. (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, PRC)
Assoc. Prof. Tan Kay Chuan, Ph.D. (National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE)
Asst. Prof. Aldy Gunawan, Ph.D. (Singapore Management University, SINGAPORE)
Asst. Prof. Hendry Raharjo, Ph.D. (Chalmers University of Technology, SWEDEN)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. F. M. Saifuddin Saif (American International University, Bangladesh)
Dr. Mohammad Shojafar (Sapienza University of Rome, ITALY)
Prof. Doaa Abdel Nabi Abdel Aziz (Zagazig University, EGYPT)
Dr. Zain Anwar Ali (Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, PAKISTAN)
Dr. Xiao Huang (Tongren University, CHINA)
Prof. Cheng-Hsing Hsu (National United University, TAIWAN)
Prof. Jianmei He (Kogakuin University, JAPAN)
Dr. Arfan Bukhtiar (Beijing Institute Of Technology, PAKISTAN)
Dr. Mohamed M. S. Wahsh (National Research Centre, EGYPT)
Dr. Firman Mangasa Simanjuntak (National Dong Hwa University, TAIWAN)
Assoc. Prof. Akawut Siriruk, Ph.D. (Suranaree University of Technology, THAILAND)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anas Maruf (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INDONESIA)
Assoc. Prof. Yassierli, Ph.D. (Institut Teknologi Bandung, INDONESIA)
Prof. Dr. Ali Altway (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, INDONESIA)
Prof. I Nyoman Pujawan, Ph.D. (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, INDONESIA)
Asst. Prof. Budi Hartono, Ph.D. (Universitas Gadjah Mada, INDONESIA)
Assoc. Prof. Markus Hartono (Universitas Surabaya, INDONESIA)
Prof. Joniarto Parung, Ph.D. (Universitas Surabaya, INDONESIA)

Assoc. Prof. Jhon Leonard, DEA
Prof. Dr. Syamsul Bahri
Prof. Dr. Salama Manjang
Prof. Dr. Anshar Suyuti
Assoc. Prof. Muhammad Arsyad
Amrin Rapi, ST., MT
Assoc. Prof. Ilham Bakri
Dr. Farid Mardin

Dr. Abdul Nasser Arifin, ST., M.Eng
Widya Hastuti Afris, SST., MM., PhD
Merla Madjid, SS., M.Hum
A. Velahyati B., ST., MT
A. Nurwahidah, ST., MT
Della Ginza Ramadhan, ST., MT
Muhammad Fadli Azis, ST., M.Sc
Syamsuddin, S.Ag
Amiruddin, ST